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Omniboost Accounting Onboarding
Onboarding your Guestline accounting integration
Onboarding your Guestline accounting integration

A detailed guide on how to onboard your Guestline accounting integration by Omniboost

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Onboarding your Guestline Accounting integration by Omniboost

Below is an outline of the steps required for setting up your Guestline accounting integration by Omniboost.

Prior to starting the onboarding, please be aware that all Omniboost accounting integrations post financial data as daily journals entries, not invoices. Development of any other custom workflow can be requested via Once your request is reviewed, Omniboost will provide an estimate of development hours and related development costs.

New request

After you've requested an Omniboost solution via your Guestline representative, the Guestline team generates a set of credentials enabling the Omniboost team to pull data from your property via the API.

Using those credentials, the Omniboost team creates your profile in the Base mapping middleware and sends the credentials to your email.

Logging into Base

A. Credentials

Upon receiving your new credentials, please log into your new Base profile. In the fields seen below, enter your Username and Password and click the Login button.

B. Setting up your 2FA

The first time you log in, you will be presented with a QR you will use to set up your 2FA code. While you are able to skip this part, we highly recommend that you configure the 2FA for an additional layer of security for your financial information.

  1. If you already have a 2FA application installed on your telephone, open the app, select the option to add a new account (typically displayed as a + symbol or Add account). Your screen will then show that your camera is open. Point your phone towards the QR code to capture it and add this new account. You will then receive the code required to complete the login process.

  2. If you do not have a 2FA application, please go to either the Android or Apple App stores depending on your phone. Search for either the Google Authenticator or Authy applications and download the one you prefer. Now that you have the app, please follow step a described above.

You will only be asked to set this up once but you will be asked to provide the one-time code generated by your app for this account, every time you are logging in. If you need the QR code reset (switching phones or sharing the credentials with a colleague) please request a Omnibase 2FA reset by emailing Please make sure you provide your login email and name of your property.

The Onboarding Form

A. Connecting to Guestline

Once you've logged in, you will see a menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Please click on the Integrations option. You will then be presented with a list of all integrations that are connected to your profile.

Clicking on the name of the integration will open up the onboarding form in a new window. At the top of the screen you will find the tabs representing each step of the process as shown below. Your Guestline API credentials have already been added by the Omniboost team so no action is required from you for step one titled Guestline.

B. Connecting to your accounting system

The second step in the onboarding process is setting up the connection to your accounting software. The action required in this step is dependent on whether the connection you've requested is an API or export-type connection, as explained below.

  1. API Connection

If you are connecting to an accounting solution with an API connection (Ex: Xero, Quickbooks, Datev etc), you will be asked to authenticate the connection in order to provide Omniboost the credentials necessary to fetch and push the data required for the connection. You will do this by clicking the Connect button shown in the screenshot above. When you do that, you will be redirected to the login-screen relevant to your accounting solution similar to the Xero example below.

For Sage Intacct, additional configuration must be done in Sage. Once that is set up, credentials are automatically sent to the Omniboost team which will then complete the second step of the form for you. For more information, please see the link in the ADDITIONAL CONFIGURATION NEEDED note shown below.

Once you've provided all of the required information, you will be redirected back to the Base environment where you will be able to see whether the authentication was successful. If you have more than one in your environment, you will be asked to specify which tenant/client or equivalent you wish to connect to. Once you've selected the correct one, click Confirm and continue.

Your accounting system may require additional configuration before you are able to successfully authenticate. If you have trouble connecting, check if your system is listed below with specific instructions.


If you are connecting to Datev, please make sure that you or your accounting consultant have completed all of the steps outlined in this help article.

Sage Intacct
To enable the Omniboost team to connect to your Sage Intacct environment, please configure the necessary Web Service credentials as explained in this help article.
If you are still unable to connect, you can submit a ticket to our support team directly from within your Base profile.

2. Export

If you are connecting to an CSV/export-type accounting solution (Ex: Sage50Uk, Sage 200 etc.) then no credentials are required from your side and this step will be completed for you by the Omniboost team. Your onboarding will begin from step 3. Integration settings.

C. Integration settings

The integration settings page contains a list of fields that you need to populate in order to provide the Omniboost team with the information required for setting up your integration. The fields will vary depending on which software combination you've requested.

If it's an export-type integration, all fields will be displayed as blank text fields for you to manually enter the relevant values. If it's an API-type integration, applicable fields will offer a dropdown menu for you to select from the correct information fetched from your accounting system (ledger account codes, cost centers, VAT/tax rates etc).

Once you've provided all (required) information, please click Confirm and continue to proceed to the final step.

D. Accounting Mapping

The Mapping step requires you specify the relevant ledger account code for each of your Guestline analysis codes and payment types. Your Guestline categories will be presented in the left-hand column. Depending on the software combination you've requested, additional columns may be available (i.e. cost center/department), enabling you to provide those values for each Guestline category as well.

E. VAT settings

At the bottom of the Mapping page, you will find the VAT section. Here you will be presented with each VAT code that is retrieved from your Guestline environment. Please provide/select the relevant VAT code/rate/ledger from your accounting system.

F. Finalizing the onboarding

After you've completed the mapping and clicked Confirm and continue, you will be to the final page of the onboarding form. Here you can find some important information about the rest of the process and what to expect. Please read the information carefully as it will help you understand what else may be required in order to set the integration live.

At the bottom of this page, you will be asked to read and accept both the Omniboost T&Cs as well as our privacy policy. Once you've reviewed the details, clicking Confirm and continue one final time will officially submit all of your information to our onboarding team.


The rest of this document outlines:

  • The setup required in your Guestline environment to enable the extraction of your financial information

  • What you must do when you add or update any analysis codes or payment types

  • How to reconcile your daily journals with the Guestline EOD report

  1. Financial Report Export

To enable Omniboost to pull your financial information from Guestline, please configure your financial export. To do so, log into your property and from the top menu go to Settings (Gear icon) and under Tools find the Financial Report Export.

On the following screen you will see a list of all codes along with the option to tick them. You can tick the main header option for each section and the rest will automatically fill correctly, skipping the unnecessary selections.

The only section that you DO NOT tick are the options that are in the Ledger Payment Types sub-section of Payment Analysis.

Once you've selected everything else, click Save in the top left corner of the screen. A dialogue box will appear in which you will specify the title of the report as OMNIBOOST. It must not have any extra characters to be recognised by our integration.

To complete the setup, please click Save.

2. Making changes analysis codes or payment types

In Guestline

For any new analysis code added to your Guestline environment in the future, you MUST update this financial export template by making sure that the new code is selected in all instances except when it's a Ledger Payment type code.

To do that, go to Settings (Gear icon) and under Tools find the Financial Report Export. Search for and load the OMNIBOOST template. Make sure to select all of the new codes and click Save.

If this step is not completed, the integration will either be missing information or not be able to create or post balanced journals.

In Base

All new codes will be available instantly in your Base profile as the system will sync every time you log in. Please make sure to provide the required mapping for all newly added codes. Once you save the updated profile, the Omniboost team will automatically be informed. They will review the update and add it to your integration. If you have any additional questions, you can reach out to our support team by creating a ticket directly from your Base profile.

3. Reconciliation with Guestline

Whether during the testing or anytime during the lifetime of the integration, you can use your Guestline End of Day report to reconcile the data.

Exporting your Guestline End of Day report

From your main Guestline dashboard, go to the Accounting tab and select Periods end archive. There you will see a list of the most recent closed periods. If you do not see your desired dates, please use the date range selector. When you've selected the correct period, you can click on the View option and select Viewer to immediately display the report. If you would like to export the report and share it with the Omniboost team, please select the PDF option, download it and send it to

When reconciling, please be aware of the exact time frame that you are comparing in your accounting system. As shown in the screenshot above, your Guestline opening and closing period is predetermined by the PMS and will remain the same regardless of when your report/journal for that day is posted by Omniboost.

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