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Omniboost - Sage Intacct: Web Service Setup
Omniboost - Sage Intacct: Web Service Setup

The guide below outlines the steps needed to set up your Sage Intacct Web Services required for the integration with Omniboost.

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Sage Intacct Web Services

In order to allow Omniboost to access your Sage Intacct environment and successfully post the financial and/or statistical journal entries, you must have your Web Services and relevant users correctly configured. To do so, please follow the steps below.

Enable Web Services

From the main menu in the top left corner, go to Company -> Subscriptions -> Applications. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and make sure that your Web Services are enabled. If they are not already enabled, please click on Configure to do so.

Create an Omniboost Web Service User

Now that Web Services can be used for your Sage Intacct profile to receive information from external sources, the next step is to setup a Web Service User and provide them with correct permissions. This will allow Omniboost to push your financial data through without having unnecessary access to any other part of your Sage Intacct profile.

  1. Go to Company -> Admin -> Web Services Users -> Add

  2. User ID, First name, and Last name: This username indicates a non-billable user and is used strictly for the integration. Enter OmniboostMPP.

  3. Email address: Use

  4. User type: Select Business

  5. Admin privileges: Select Off

  6. Status: Active

Once the Web Services OmniboostMPP user is created, a set of credentials will be created for and sent to the Omniboost team via email.

Assigning permissions to the user

Depending on how you have your Sage Intacct setup you can provide permissions to the OmniboostMPP Web Service user in one of two ways: user or role based. For more information regarding these two types, please check out this Sage Intacct help article.

User based

  1. Go to the Company -> Web Services Users -> and click on the Edit next to the OmniboostMPP user.

Here you can modify the user type and admin privileges to change the level of access this user has.

Role based

If using Role-based permissions, you’ll need to create a new Role for the OmniboostMPP user, with access to all relevant modules in Sage Intacct.

  1. Click Company -> Roles -> Add.

  2. Name: Omniboost Web Service.

  3. Description: Allowing Omniboost to post journals.

4. Click Save in the top right corner and you will be directed to a list of various permissions you can enable for the user.

5. Select General Ledger and click Permissions found on the right-hand side of that row. In the popup window, select View and Add for Journal Entries and Statistical Journal Entries and click Save and then Save again in the original window.

You will now see a new role listed titled Omniboost Web Service.

Assign the new role to the user.

  1. Go to Company -> Web Services Users

  2. Click Edit next to the OmniboostMPP user

  3. Click Roles information

  4. Select the Omniboost Web Service Role that was just created

  5. Click Save

Add Omniboost to Web Services authorization

The final step in the setup is to add Omniboost as a trusted Sender ID for Web Services. Simply name the SenderID: OmniboostMPP.

1. On the Home page, click Company > Company Info
2. Click the Security tab
3. Click Edit
4. In the Web Services authorizations section, click the + sign
5. In the Sender ID field, enter OmniboostMPP. You can enter a meaningful description in the Description field or leave blank.
6. Click Save and when the window closes, click Save in the parent screen.

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