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Connecting your Mews PMS to Alice Housekeeping App
Connecting your Mews PMS to Alice Housekeeping App
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Alice App is a housekeeping system that helps hotel staff manage reservations and their related spaces in real time. The system enables team communication regarding space status (clean, dirty, inspected rooms), arrival of guests and any task that is involved in maintaining the property.

How does the integration work?

Omniboost listens to Mews for notifications about reservations. Every time a reservation is created, updated, checked in/out, Omniboost uses the information in the event to pull the required details from Mews and send into Alice. This notifies the housekeeping staff of arrivals, changes, departures and helps them organise their cleaning schedule as well as any other aspect of preparing the property for guests

Omniboost also listens for status changes of spaces/rooms (dirty, clean, inspected) when they are updated in Alice. It sends that information directly to the PMS which updates the status and is used to communicate space availability to front desk/management team.

There is also a nightly sync that ensure that any status or reservations updates that were missed are automatically picked up before the start of the next day.

New connection request

Add Omniboost as an Admin employee

To enable the Omniboost team to set up, test and troubleshoot your Alice integration easily, make sure to add as an Admin level employee in Mews. The steps to creating a new employee in Mews are outlined in this Mews article.

Mews Marketplace token

To connect your Mews property to Alice App, please submit a request directly from the Mews Marketplace. You can find instructions on how to do this in this Mews Help Guide article. A notification will be sent to the Omniboost team along with your Mews Access token.

Contact the Alice App team
It is not sufficient to simply submit a request via the Mews Marketplace. You must also reach out to the ALICE team to make sure your ALICE environment is ready for onboarding.
Please make sure to reach out to the ALICE team MINIMUM 7 DAYS BEFORE your expected go-live date, by submitting the property information and expected go-live date to Please note that adhering to the given lead time is crucial to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Any deviations might result in delays with your ALICE onboarding. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Configuring your statuses in Alice

In order to correctly set up your space and front office statuses in Alice, it's helpful to understand how the integration works. There are two types of statuses to keep in mind:

Space/room status

Space statuses available in Mews are:

  • Dirty

  • Clean

  • Inspected

  • Out of order

  • Out of Service

These can be mapped directly to the relevant Alice statues. Once a connection is established, anytime there is a change in either Mews or Alice, the integration communicates the latest state to the other system using webhook events.

The ideal operational flow is such that Mews will automatically turn a space to Dirty once a guest has been checked into a room. This is an extra safety feature to make sure that if that guest is moved to another room, someone from the staff checks the room before sending another guest in there.

The room then remains dirty until the cleaning staff completes their tasks and update the room status to Clean in Alice.

The manager responsible for checking the work then does a walkthrough and marks the rooms Inspected in Alice.

These statuses are then automatically sent to Mews, allowing the front office staff to check in the new reservations.

Front office status

There is an additional layer of status mapping that is involved in the integration and is directly linked to the reservations themselves, which rooms they are in and what reservation status they hold.

This alignment is done by mapping Mews reservation statuses to the Alice front office statuses. Mews does not have a front office status (Vacant/Occupied) so the status mapping is done on the reservation statuses which are:

Confirmed: Reservation is confirmed and will be arriving in the designated space at the designated time
Started: Reservation is checked in
Processed: Reservation is checked out
Canceled: Reservation is no longer coming/occupying the space.

These statuses must be carefully mapped to the desired statuses in Alice to ensure that there is no confusion when comparing the two systems. Below is an example of how that can be done.

Mews status - Alice status

Reservation Started - Occupied or Occupied+Dirty

Reservation Processed - Vacant or Vacant+Dirty

Reservation Confirmed - Vacant or Vacant + whichever room status

Reservation Canceled - Vacant

In that case, the possible flow would be:

When a reservation is Started that means that the related space is occupied. Because Mews automatically turns a room dirty when a reservation is checked in, that means it should be related to the Alice status Occupied+Dirty. It will remain that way until the reservation is checked out (Processed). When the reservation is processed, then the correct status in Alice would be that the space is now Vacant but it is still Dirty because it has not been cleaned or inspected by staff.

As each action is done by the staff, they update the status in the Alice app and it updates the status in Mews as well to Clean and then Inspected. So now after housekeeping has done their job but before the next reservation has checked in we have a temporary status of Vacant+Clean or Vacant+Inspected. Once the next reservation is checked in, the cycle starts again.

Syncing and setting the integration live

The Alice team will send Omniboost your Alice HotelID and API key so that your integration can be configured. When the Alice team confirms that the setup in Alice is ready, the Omniboost team will do the following:

  • Sync your Mews space configuration with Alice

  • Sync your Mews space statuses with Alice

  • Push current reservations from Mews to Alice

  • Push future reservations from Mews to Alice

  • Set the integration live

Once the integration is set live, Mews and Alice will communicate space and front office statuses in real time.


I’m logged into my Alice app but I can only see information about the reservations, not the space status. Why is that?

Please contact your Alice representative to check whether your Alice subscription includes the housekeeping module.

Some reservations from my Mews environment have not synced to Alice during the onboarding. How can I get them into the system?

If some reservations may not sync with your Alice environment during the onboarding please double-check whether those reservations are overbookings in your Mews environment. If that is the case, the sync was not possible as they do not have a specific space/room assigned to them. When those reservations are moved to an available space, the integration will automatically update your Alice environment and add the integration in the correct space.

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