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Owners Portal: Generating & managing statements
Owners Portal: Generating & managing statements

This article explain how property admin users can generate and manage financial statements in their Omniboost Owners Portal environment

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Viewing existing statements

To access the list of all of existing financial statements for all owners, click directly on the Statements option displayed on the main menu of the Owners Portal dashboard.

Filtering statements

For convenience, you are able to filter the statements by:

  1. Status:

    1. Created: Statement has been created as a draft and can be modified or deleted without impact.

    2. Sent: Statement has been finalised and sent to the owner. It cannot be modified and should not be deleted to ensure full financial transparency in case of financial audit.

    3. Failed: Statement has failed when attempting to generate it.

  2. User: Which owner the statement has been issued for.

  3. Rooms: Which room you wish to see statements for.

  4. Start date and end date: Use to search for invoices generated for a specific period

Downloading statements

If issuing statements via the Owners Portal is not sufficient for your operational needs, you can easily download each individual statement as a PDF to be shared externally. This can be done by finding the statement in the overview, clicking Preview and then clicking the download icon in the top right corner.

To download multiple statements simultaneously (minimum 5 statements), select the tick boxes next to the statements you wish to download and click Download Selected Statements. The maximum number of statements per file is 100.

They will be downloaded as a zip file for optimal storage and sharing. These zips will be available for you to access for 24 hours after creating them. To access these files, click on Statements -> Statement exports and then on Download.

Manually creating statements

On top of the automatic statement templates, you are still able to create individual statements manually. This feature will remain available and is convenient for any one-off or custom statements you may need to make.

Per owner vs. Per room statements

Another addition to this module is the possibility to create statements per room instead of just for specific owner. Generating invoices per specific room allows you to simultaneously generate a separate copy of the statement for each owner assigned to the room.

To create per-room statements, enable the Statements per room option at the top of the statement generating screen. The option to select User below will be replaced with a list of rooms for you to select from.

Setting up automatic templates

Statement templates allow you to configure a set of rules that you will automatically be applied to some or all rooms or owners you've selected.

To create your first statement template, from the main menu click on Statements -> Statement templates -> Create template.

  1. Name: Name your statement template. Especially useful for easy differentiation if multiple templates are created.

  2. Statement start and end times: specify the period during which the statements should automatically be generated.

  3. Statement frequency: Select the interval at which the statements should be generated during the period selected above.

    1. Weekly: Every week, a new statement will be automatically generated with the same rules for all rooms/owners you've selected

    2. Monthly: Every month, a new statement will be automatically generated with the same rules for all rooms/owners you've selected

    3. Quarterly: Every quarter, a new statement will be automatically generated with the same rules for all rooms/owners you've selected

  4. Statements per room: if you wish to create one template that applies to all rooms, enable this option. You will still have to configure the remaining options but will not have to specify an owner or a room.

5. Select users: If you wish for the template only to apply to certain users, then enable this feature and select all users the template applies to.

6. Select rooms: If you wish for the template only to apply to certain rooms, then enable this feature and select all rooms the template applies to.

7. Additional email: If you wish to send all statements to another email address (your accountant or finance team) then provide that email in this field

8. Display price breakdown: Enable this feature if you wish a detailed price breakdown to be shown on the statements instead of a per room total

9. Toggle hard reservation filtering: This feature defines how reservations spanning two or more payout periods are handled. If the feature is disabled, revenue is displayed on each night as it is consumed. If the feature is enabled, the revenue generated by the reservation will only be visible upon checkout when it is assumed the reservation has been completed and the relevant finances sorted.

10. Extra fields: Use this field to apply any recurring monthly costs. The values you enter here will be applied to all selected rooms/owners each time the statements are generated.

Clicking Create will configure the new template which will automatically generate statements once the specified start period has begun.

Editing statements

Making changes to statements is possible at any time before they are finalised. Statements are considered finalised once they have been shared with the relevant owner(s) by clicking Send. This action assigns a unique and sequential number to the issued statement for the sake of financial compliance and transparency.

Above you can see that the two states have differing values in the Status and Number columns as well as with the number of actions possible on the right side of the screen.

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