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Connecting RoomRaccoon PMS to Netsuite Accounting
Connecting RoomRaccoon PMS to Netsuite Accounting

Connecting RoomRaccoon PMS to Netsuite Accounting

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1. New Connection request

A new connection request is submitted by the RoomRaccoon team on your behalf. To help Omniboost start preparing your profile and reach out to you, RoomRaccoon will share your property name, contact details as well as the Hotel ID and API key.

2. Accounting Platform configuration

Before starting the onboarding process, you must have your chart of accounts finalized in your Netsuite Accounting environment. During the accounting mapping phase of the onboarding process, you will be specifying to which of your Netsuite ledger account codes revenue and payment amounts from RoomRaccoon must be posted to.

Changes to the ledger account code mapping are supported throughout the lifetime of the integration. However, clients that make any Chart of Account changes prior to the setup of the accounting connection will ensure that they have a smoother testing and go-live experience.

3. RoomRaccoon Environment Configuration

The accounting mapping of your revenue and payment ledgers is done in your RoomRaccoon environment. In case assistance is required, please reach out to your RoomRaccoon representative.

3.1 Revenue ledger mapping

In RoomRaccoon, you can navigate to the revenue mapping from the main menu on the left-hand side of your RoomRaccoon profile.

  1. Click on the Property Setup icon.

2. On the next screen, click the Ledgers tab.

3. Here you will be able to see and manage the full list of all of your existing ledgers as well as add a new one via the +NEW LEDGER button in the top right corner.

All of your Room Raccoon ledgers MUST have the correct account code, VAT percentage and VAT code (if applicable) assigned before you will be able to continue with the onboarding process.

If any of this information is missing (such as the Ledger for Breakfast in screenshot below), the integration will error out when attempting to post any revenue related to that ledger.

3.2 Payment ledger mapping

To ensure that the integration functions correctly, you must also configure your payment ledgers.

To manage your payment ledgers, click on the Settings icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your Room Raccoon dashboard. From the options at the top of the Settings screen, select the Connectivity tab.

The following screen will show you the list of all of the active connections at your property.

For each of the payment types listed, enter the ledger account code or select it from the drop-down menu (if applicable).

4. Integration configuration

In addition to the revenue and payment mapping in your RoomRaccoon environment, the integration with Netsuite Accounting requires additional information. Please find the required information below:

Required piece of (Accounting) information



Netsuite VAT codes

Omniboost uses VAT codes for the VAT mapping which is built into the RoomRaccoon to Netsuite connection

VAT code 1 for 9% VAT, VAT code 2 for 21% VAT, VAT code 0 for 0% VAT

Revenue Fallback ledger account code

In case not all revenue ledgers are correctly mapped in RoomRaccoon, the accounting connection will post the corresponding revenues to the fallback ledger account for revenues.

Ledger Account code 2090

Payment Fallback ledger account code

In case not all payment ledgers are correctly mapped in RoomRaccoon, the accounting connection will post the corresponding payments to the fallback ledger account for payments.

Ledger Account code 8015

The Omniboost team will provide you with the list of required accounting information during your onboarding.

5. Accounting system authentication

The integration with Netsuite Accounting is an API-connection. This means that the integration will fully automatically push daily entries into your Netsuite environment. Please note that these entries are always draft entries, so you can always remove them and/or modify them in case necessary.

Because the connection between RoomRaccoon and Netsuite is based on an API-connection, authentication is required for this connection. Your Omniboost representative will request you to provide Omniboost with the below information:

  • Netsuite TBA tokens: Netsuite Client ID and Client Secret

  • Netsuite Token ID and Secret

  • Netsuite Account ID

Please note that providing the above information does not give Omniboost access to your Netsuite environment. Providing these tokens only ensures that the accounting connection can push journal entries into your Netsuite environment.

6. Testing

Once Omniboost has configured the accounting connection between RoomRaccoon and Netsuite, the testing process can start.

Your Omniboost representative will push several test (draft) journal entries into the Netsuite environment after which these journal entries can be verified and reconciled with RoomRaccoon. Please see Step 7 below for details regarding the reconciliation part.

7. Reconciliation

You can reconcile the journal entry tests in your Netsuite Accounting environment with your RoomRaccoon financial report. To access this report, please click on the Reports icon on your RoomRaccoon main menu. On the following screen, click on the Finance tab at the top.

Here, you will be able to see a full breakdown of your revenue generated for each one of your ledgers, totals as well as VAT information. The report displays monthly totals. To see a daily breakdown, please download the report.

8. Historical data fetch

At this point, your accounting team has reviewed and verified the journal entry tests.

In case there is historical data in your RoomRaccoon environment that has not been transferred into Netsuite Accounting as of yet, you can request the Omniboost team to transfer this accounting information into your Netsuite environment.

9. Go-live / Automation

The final step in the onboarding process is to activate the accounting integration with Netsuite . In practice, this means that the transfer of the financial data gets fully automated.

You will be asked to confirm at which time the integration should run each day. We always recommend that you consider your daily operations when deciding this. Please keep in mind the latest possible time for you to close the figures of the previous day and how much additional time your team may need for any modifications. Any correction to the data in RoomRaccoon after the moment the data has been posted, will not be picked up by the accounting connection.

10. Omniboost support

The Omniboost support team will be there to assist you throughout the lifetime of your integration. For any issues that you experience or any changes that you need to make, please reach out to us via

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