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Owners Portal Onboarding Guide
Owners Portal Onboarding Guide

Onboarding guide for property admins setting up their new Owners Portal environment

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After you request the connection to your PMS, the Omniboost team will use the API credentials you've shared to create your new Owners Portal profile. When the new environment is ready, your property admin credentials will be sent to the email used to request the connection.

Getting started

  1. Log in

Please use the credentials sent to your email to log in via

2. Select your property

If your property is part of a chain and multiple environments have already been created for you, please select the location you will be configuring and click Save.

If you are onboarding a property that is not a part of a chain, you will not be shown this step and can skip to point 3.

3. Additional data needed

a. Service

This setting is only applicable to some PMS systems. If it applies to yours, here you will see a list of services pulled from your PMS profile. Please select your main Stay/Accommodation service. This is required in order for Omniboost to pull the correct reservations and revenue from your property as well as for step c below.

b. Property tax/VAT levels

This setting is only applicable to some PMS systems. If it applies to yours, here you will see a list of tax/VAT levels configured in your PMS environment. Please select the one that applies to your Stay/Accommodation service.

c. Property commissions

Here you will see a list of all of the products created in your PMS and related to your Stay/Accommodation service. Please select the commission calculations (products) that are being applied to your rate packages used by OTA channels (Booking, Expedia etc). The products you select will be used to deduct the commission from the revenue generated by each reservation before being shown to the owners.

Note: You will be able to modify the tax/VAT levels and the property commissions at a later time. Click Submit.

4. Dashboard overview

This is your dashboard which presents all of the individual spaces pulled from your PMS environment. You can access more information about each space by clicking on the relevant card.

  1. Language and profile settings

Here you can change the language settings and manage the details of your account including your contact information, password and 2FA.

2. Menu

On the left side of the dashboard is the main menu which you can use to access and manage users, rooms, property settings and review and issue invoices.

Property Settings

  1. Access property settings

The next step required for using your Owners Portal environment is to complete the property settings. Get started by clicking on the Property tab shown on the main menu.

You will be redirected to the following page. Click Edit in the top right corner to access the settings.

2. Complete property settings

Once you've accessed the property Edit page, you will see all of the settings that can be configured as shown in the example screenshot below.

a. Show financial data to users

Enabling this feature will show all owners the revenue generated in their assigned space(s). This can be overridden at the individual owner level and changed at any time.

b. Show reports to users

Enabling this feature will give all owners access to property performance dashboards. This can be overridden at the individual owner level and changed at any time.

c. Enable investor space reservation notifications

Enabling this feature will mean that the owners will receive a notification for each new reservation made in their assigned spaces. This can be overridden at the individual owner level and changed at any time.

d. Additional documents

No configuration is required for this setting. You can use this feature to easily and instantly share any documents with all owners. They will immediately receive a notification and be able to access these documents from their profile.

e. Commission calculations

If you have not done so already, here you can select or change the commission products you want to have deducted from the revenue calculations before they are shown to the owners.

f. Reservation products

Please select all products that should be available for owners to select when they are booking their reservations via the portal.

g. Property tax(VAT) levels

Here you can see and update the tax(VAT) level that relates to your Stay service that you were required to select during the 1st step of the onboarding.

h. Enable reservation rates

Enabling this feature allows owners to book reservations from their profiles. When you enable the feature, the Select Reservation rate option will appear. Please select the Mews rate that can be used as the default for all reservations made through the portal. If you want certain owners to book with different rates than the default, you can override this setting by selecting a different rate in the owner's profile.

i. Limit own usage nights of a room

Enabling this feature puts a limit on the number of nights/year that owners can reserve through their profiles. If you enable it, the option to enter the night count will appear. Once that number is reached, the Add reservation button will be disabled for all owners and they will have to contact you to book additional nights.

3. Revenue percentages

This section allows you to apply any deductions to the revenue generated across all of your spaces. These deductions will be applied to the NET amount that remains after the tax/VAT and commission products you've selected have been removed. You can apply these as percentages or fixed amounts and both can be calculated per night or multiplied by number of people staying in the room.

An example deduction will already be available when you log in but you can modify it to suit your needs. In the Label field, enter a name for the deduction (management fee, cleaning fee etc). In the next field to the right of it enter the amount to be deducted. If the toggle in the Fixed Amount column is disabled, the amount will be applied as a percentage. If the toggle is enabled, it will be applied as a fixed amount. If you wish to apply it per person, you can enable the toggle in the Calculate Per Person column.

You can always change these at a later stage. This can also be overridden at the individual owner level.

4. Invoice data

This section requires you to provide basic information about your property that will be used in the invoices/statements that you generate for owners. Minimum required fields are address, phone number, email and website. If these are not filled out, you will not be able to save your property settings or use your invoice module.

5. Design parameters

This section allows you to customize various parts of your Owners Portal environment including menu placement (left-hand side or top), button, text and background colors. You can also upload a logo that will be shown both in the top-left corner of every screen as well as included on all invoices. You can use the Banner field to upload a banner image that will be visible to all across the top of the page.

Once you've completed all of the settings, don't forget to click Save in the top right corner of this screen. You are now ready to move on to creating profiles for your owners.

User profiles

  1. Create user profiles

To start creating user profiles, click on the Users tab from the main menu.

Click on the Add user button shown above to start creating a new user profile. You will be directed to a screen in the image below to complete all of the available fields.

If you already know that this user will be using a different reservation rate than the default one you've chosen in the property settings, you can enable this feature and select the rate. Otherwise, you can skip that step and manage it at a later stage.

Both you and the owner are able to change all of this information at a later stage.

Note that when you hit Save, the new credentials will be sent directly to the owner via the email you've provided. Even though owner can immediately access their profiles, they will not be able to see occupancy or revenue information until you've assigned their profiles to the relevant spaces.

2. Additional Settings

After you created and saved a user, their profile will be visible from the Users overview. To manage additional settings for that profile, click on the related Edit button seen on the right of the screen.

You will now be able to see additional options on their profile. This is where you can easily override all applicable options that you've set up at the property level.

Here is also where you can upload documents to be shared only with this owner or create different revenue deductions that apply only to their profile.

a. Override property settings

b. User invoice data

Use this section to provide the invoice/billing information about the owner. If the required fields are not completed, you will not be able to generate invoices for this profile or save these settings. If you have this information, you are able to enter it here. Alternatively, you can request new owners to provide this information by logging in with their new credentials and updating their profiles via the Profile option in the bottom left corner of the main dashboard.

Once you've completed the required fields, make sure to click Save.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all of the owners that will be using the portal. Once you've created all of the profiles, you can move on to the final step outlined below.

Room Assignment

The final step required before owners can start using the system is to assign their profiles to their relevant rooms. To access the room settings, click on the Rooms tab on the main menu. On the following screen, click on Edit all rooms.

You will be redirected to the Edit Rooms screen shown below.

a. Select owner

In the top right corner, you will see a drop-down menu with a list of all profiles you've created. Select the owner that you will be assigning room(s) to.

b.Select property

Owner profiles are shared across all properties in a chain. This means that you are easily able to assign all spaces belonging to the selected owner across all of your different locations. If this applies to your case, you will see a list of all of your properties. Otherwise, please go to step 3 below.

c. Select rooms

To assign spaces to the selected owner, simply click on the empty checkbox to the immediate left of the room number/name. Repeat for all applicable spaces.

d. Investment period

Enter the date range during which the selected owner should have access to each assigned space. Only the start date is required. If you enter an end date, the owner will no longer be able to view revenue and reservation information for the space when that date arrives.

Repeat for all user profiles and make sure to hit Save after making changes to each one.

You did it! Your owners can now benefit from all of the information and features that you've selected to enable.

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