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Owners Portal Overview
Owners Portal Overview

The Omniboost Owner's Portal is perfectly tailored to the needs of any property or management group working with a timeshare model.

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The Owner's Portal enables the client to share only the relevant reservation and financial information to each owner without needing to provide access to their PMS environment or share this information manually.

Image 1. Omniboost Owner's Portal login screen

  1. Property profile and configuration

The Owner's Portal seamlessly integrates with the client's PMS to pull property configuration and create a new property profile.

The property admin is able to view and manage the full list of all the rooms as well as the following information about each:

  • Room name (as configured in PMS)

  • Room type: Whether the room is an apartment, suite etc.

  • Users assigned: if and which users are assigned to any given room

  • Reservations: The number of reservations recorded for each room (past, present and future)

  • # of own usage nights: Number of nights the owner is able to use for personal reservations

  • Revenue display: Whether the revenue for the room is displayed monthly, quarterly or annually

Image 2. Property admin main dashboard

Image 3. Property admin room list view

2. Space creation and management

The property admin can easily create and manage each of the available spaces and the related details listed above.

In addition, they can also configure the investment time-frame for each of the users related to the space. This enables them to manage user access exactly according to their cooperation agreement.

From this screen, the property admin can also access the revenue and reservations for this room.

Once the user profiles (outlined in point 3) are created, they can be assigned to each of the available spaces from this room configuration screen.

Image 4. Individual room configuration

3. Users

Here the property management can configure any user-specific revenue calculations that are agreed upon with the client. These will all be displayed in the revenue overview for the spaces assigned to this owner.

Once a new user profile is created, their Owner's Portal credentials are ready to be used and automatically sent to the owner's email.

Image 5. User profile configuration

4. Property configuration

The property management team can modify the property configuration from the screen shown below. Here they can update check in and check out times and confirm whether all or only specific owners can view financial data. They can also create additional revenue calculations at the property level which will be visible in all revenue overviews.

Image 6. Property configuration screen

5. Revenue overview

An overview of all revenue is available for each room. It can be viewed by both the property admin as well as owner of the space, if configured that way.

The revenue will be shown as below with an individual line for each reservation night/date.

The number of columns, such as the one Label 10% in the middle, is determined by the owner-level and property-level revenue calculations configured by the property admin. The final amount to be paid out to the owner will be visible in the far-right column.

Image 7. Room revenue overview

6. Reservation overview

An overview of all reservations is available for each room. It can be viewed by both the property admin as well as owner of the space.

Here the owner can confirm when the room is available as well as book it for personal use.

Image 8. Room reservation overview

7. Owner's view

The owner's dashboard and view will resemble that of the admin with the exception of only seeing the spaces and information assigned to them.

Image 9. Owner view of individual space(s)

In addition to viewing their room(s) and revenue, the owner can also access and modify details of their user profile seen below.

Image 10. Owner profile management screen

8. Planned features

Based on the valuable feedback of our existing and interested clients, the following features are on the Owner's Portal roadmap:

  • Invoice creation and issuance

  • Financial document sharing

  • User/owner dashboards

  • Reporting

  • Detailed action logs and more

If you'd like to request a new feature or provide feedback on existing ones, please do so via our feedback board linked here.

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