Cloudbeds integrations FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Cloudbeds accounting integrations offered by Omniboost.

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  1. How do I set up my integration?

After you request a connection from the Cloudbeds Marketplace, you will receive an email with credentials for your Omnibase mapping profile. You'll provide all of the necessary information in the profile form.

The Omniboost team will then build your integration pipeline. Once the pipeline is ready, a test will be generated for you to review and confirm the settings you’ve selected are correct.

After that, Omniboost can pull any historic Cloudbeds data that you have not yet manually transferred into your accounting system. The last step is for Omniboost to automate the integration based on your preferred time/frequency.

2. What does an Omniboost accounting integration do?

The integration pulls all of your Cloudbeds revenue and payments (transactions) on a daily basis and posts them in the form of financial journals into your accounting system. The financial journals display the information as totals grouped per each Cloudbeds accounting category the revenue and payment items belong to.

3. Does the integration create invoices in my accounting system?

No, the integration creates a daily financial journal.

4. Where can I see the A/R or detailed information about the revenue/payments for an individual guest or reservation?

The Cloudbeds API does not currently support A/R functionalities. Once those are made available, the integration can be expanded to support that information as well.

5. The integration doesn't support a feature that I really need, how can I get that to be added?

Development of any other custom workflow can be requested via Once your request is reviewed, Omniboost will provide an estimate of development hours and related development costs.

6. I am using an accounting system that is not available on the marketplace, what do I do?

Development of any new connection can be requested via The tech team will review the request for feasibility and can add it to the product roadmap.


  1. How much does the integration cost?

Your integration cost is determined based on your Cloudbeds package. Omniboost is a Cloudbeds partner and will not charge you anything for the connection. For additional information about costs, please contact your Cloudbeds representative. You will be configuring your pricing directly with the Cloudbeds billing team at the beginning of your onboarding process.


2. I've requested the connection from my Cloudbeds marketplace but nothing happened. What do I do?

First, please check your spam folder to confirm whether you may have overlooked the credentials that are sent automatically when a connection is requested. If not, please reach out to to resend your credentials.

3. How do I terminate my Omniboost integration?

If you decide to terminate your Omniboost integration, please make sure that you disconnect the connection from your Cloudbeds Marketplace. Please log into your Cloudbeds profile, go to the Apps and Integrations section of the left-hand menu and click Manage Apps. There you will see a list of the apps that are connected at your property. Click on the Disconnect button of the integration you wish to terminate the connection for. You will be prompted to message the Cloudbeds billing team and resolve any outstanding charges prior to finalising the cancellation.

4. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting my integration in the Cloudbeds marketplace but it's still not working. What do I do?

Once you disconnect an integration, you will NOT BE ABLE TO RECONNECT IT without the assistance of the Omniboost team. Each new connection request generates a profile in the Omnibase mapping middleware and uses the email related to your Cloudbeds account to generate a unique user.

Trying to reconnect will not be successful until your old profile has been removed from the Omnibase system because it does not allow for the use of the same email for multiple profiles. You can create a new Omnibase profile by connecting from a Cloudbeds profile that uses a different email. Otherwise, please reach out to for assistance.


  1. I'm trying to use my Omnibase profile but I got a beautiful error message "Oh no...our spaceship got hit by undefined meteors..." What do I do?

Please try refreshing the page a few times to reconnect. If the issue continues, please reach out to

2. My 2FA is not working and I'm locked out, what do I do?

If you misplaced your 2FA, switched phones or need to share credentials with your colleague, please request an Omnibase 2FA reset by emailing Please make sure you provide your login email and name of your property.

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