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Omniboost Trivec -- Mews Integration
Omniboost Trivec -- Mews Integration
Written by Jasper de Pooter
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The integration

  • Step 1: Trivec settings

When you login with the credentials you just received, you have to click on setup integration. After that, the following screen will pop up.

You have to fill in the name of the Tips. This name will show up in the PMS when the tips are used. You have to fill in the end of day from Trivec. This end of day is used when we do a call to the receipt export API. Based on that end of day, we know from which day we need to pull data.

  • Step 2: MEWS settings

On this page you can select the Default Analysis Code. This code (which is actually a MEWS accounting category) will be used when the mapping (in the next step of the pos-sytem) between a Trivec product category and MEWS accounting category is empty. So under Default Analysis Code, the MEWS accounting category can be selected to which revenues should be posted by default if the mapping in step 3 for one of the Trivec product categories is missing. Via this we make sure that revenues are always posted to an accounting category, even if the mapping for a product category is empty.

The same holds for the Default Payment Code. Here you can select the accounting category to which payments should be posted in case the mapping in the next step is empty.

Then you see the Outlet ID. You see all the floors from the POS and you can link them to any Outlet from your PMS (MEWS). Then select the Service ID, this is for the Service to be ordered. We need this ID when we send a charge for an On Room payment.


It is therefore of main importance to select both an Outlet and a Service per Trivec center. If this is not done, revenues and/or payments will be missing in MEWS.

Then select the Tip Code. Next, select the Tax Codes for the different percentages. At the 0.0%, select the code for the 0.0% tax.

  • Step 4: Mapping

The next step is the mapping. On the left side, you can see the POS categories. You can map those categories to the PMS categories on the right side. On top of the mappings, you see the floors from the POS. When you click on one of the floors, you can create a separate mapping for each floor. When the mapping is completed, click on Save Mapping, and we are good to go to send over charges.


If you have any further questions, you can email us at

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