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DATEV software that meets all requirements at high standards regarding reliability, topicality, data protection, and data security.

Connect Omniboost with DATEV. Obtain complete and up-to-date visibility of your accounting (integration) with your PMS and/or POS.


In this article we will explain how the Datev integration works and what extra features this integration offers.

Accounting flow:

  • Based on consumed revenue: In this integration we will post the consumed revenue and the registered payments in the files. For example when you have a reservation of 5 days, each of those days will cause revenue to be posted in the file. The payments are added on the day they are registered in the PMS.

  • Based on closed bills: In this integration we will post the revenue and payments based on the closed bills. So revenue is accounted for when the invoice is issued.

Supported features:

  • Daily, weekly or monthly 'end-of-day' transactions exported from your PMS/POS ready for you to upload into DATEV.

  • Export locations available: sFTP, dropbox, google drive and e-mail delivery.

  • Ledger and cost center mapping available in Omniboost SaaS.

  • Aggregation based on categories. It's also possible to have a line for each transaction.

  • Accounts receivables can be included in the files.

  • When you would like the accounts receivables in the files, we can create a file with the debtor information as well so you can import that in Datev.

  • We can add the commission costs from the gateway payments in the file (depending on PMS system).

  • Financial journals, entries and bookings fully compliant to Accounting Standards.

  • Guest- and deposit ledger movements.

Explanation of how the files work:

We send you one or two files per period (depending on your preferences regarding the accounts receivables). The standard file is a file with all the journal entries. In that file you will see a line for each category. Each line is linked to a ledger account code (see mapping) and is posted debit or credit to that ledger. Each line also has a contra account. We call the ledger that is posted as the contra account the "guest ledger". The guest ledger is basically a ledger that is used to post the consumed items of the guests to. When payment is received later on the guest ledger will be deducted. This ledger is in constant movement.

So revenue, payments, debtors and so on are posted in the standard file. Please note that the VAT is not posted in that file! The VAT will be calculated and posted in Datev when the files are imported. Therefore it is very important that in the PMS system the products and categories are set up in a way that there are not multiple VAT rates linked to a category. Otherwise VAT is not calculated correctly in Datev.

The second file we can send you is a file with debtor information. When you would like us to post the accounts receivables from the PMS in the file we use a unique number for each debtor (also called the debtor number of AR number). This number is created based on the information in the PMS. Because a new debtor needs to be created in Datev as well we send you a file with the information to do that. After that the file with the journal entries can be imported in Datev.

Other information:

By using Omniboost in combination with DATEV you will save time and, more importantly, improve the data quality of your financial integrations.

Want to take it even a step further? Omniboost offers Data Driven Intelligence by breaking down your existing (financial) data silos. With Omniboost you will take full advantage of all your financial data(sets).

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Need to get connected? Contact our integrations team and get on-boarded in no-time! In search of custom DATEV development? Our support team is happy to assist!

Omniboost offers full integration and mapping solutions for all your Datev connections.


DATEV in one sentence: tax consultants, lawyers, auditors, small and medium-sized enterprises, municipalities, and founders using DATEV software that meets all requirements at high standards regarding reliability, topicality, data protection, and data security.

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