Our Lightspeed POS to MEWS integration will connect your restaurant to your MEWS PMS. Once setup you can start charging you hotel guest and book them on room. In this article we will show you what you need to do in order to connect both systems.

Before you start

  • The Lightspeed interface should be added to your MEWS PMS.

How it works

The integration will function as a real time connection between MEWS and Lightspeed POS. Once a guest has been checked in, you can start and add charges to their room via Lightspeed. As the guest goes to your restaurant after check in, they will appear via the search function in your Lightspeed app. Simple search for them by name or room number and they will show up and in one click you can send over the charge to their room.

How to connect

To connect your Lightspeed POS to your MEWS PMS, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Lightspeed account and go to Payments.
  • Click on the Add Payment button.
  • Add On Room as the name of the new payment type and select Type Room
  • Connect to Lightspeed by Omniboost via the Mews Marketplace
  • After we have received the request, we will provide you with credentials so that you can set up your Lightspeed Mews integration by yourself.
  • You will receive access to our POS integration system, where you can set up your Integration.


If you already had a Mews Lightspeed integration, please let us know. We can migrate your data with our POS integration system. We check whether all receipts from the past hour are in Mews. If receipts have not been transferred during the migration, we will send them over to Mews.

The Integration

  • Step 1, Connect to Lightspeed

The first thing you need to do, is to connect to your Lightspeed Account. This can be done by clicking on the Connect To button in our POS connector.

  • Step 2, Lightspeed settings

After connecting to Lightspeed, you see the following screen:

This is for the Lightspeed settings. First select your Company, then your On Room payment Type and then, fill in your tip name. After that, you can click on the checkboxes. If you want to skip all the Voided receipts, click Skip Voided. When you select Recalculate Discount, the discount is included in the price of the products.

  • Step 3, MEWS settings

On this page you can select the Default Analisys Code. This code will be used when the mapping is empty. Same for the Default Payment Code. When the mapping for a payment type is empty, this code will be used. Then you see the Outlet ID. You see all the floors form the POS and you can link them to any Outlet in your PMS. Then select the Service ID, this is for the Service to be ordered. We need this ID when we send a charge for an On Room payment. Then select the Tip Code. Next, select the Tax Codes for the different percentages. At the 0.0%, select the code for the 0.0% tax.

  • Step 4, set up your mapping

The next step is the mapping. On the left side, you can see the POS categories. You can map those categories to the PMS categories on the right side. On top of the mappings, you see the floors from the POS. When you click on one of the floors, you can create a separate mapping for each floor. When the mapping is completed, click on Save Mapping, and we are good to go to send over charges on room.


If you need any help with the setup of the integration or have issues with the integration you can see our Onboarding Video.

If you have any further questions, you can email us at support@omniboost.io.

Disconnect the integration

If you want to disconnect the integration please reach out to us via support@omniboost.io and we will disable the integration between Lightspeed and MEWS.

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