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How to get an employee token from tripletex
How to get an employee token from tripletex
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For Omniboost to be able to connect to a Tripletex account we need to have an employee token. The steps below describe how to generate a new token in Tripletex.

You need to be logged in to Tripletex and have the correct authorization rights to be able to do this.

Go to Company -> Employees

Select the employee with enough access rights you want to use for the integration

Select the API access tab

Click the New Token button

Create new token

Use 'Adapted setup', 'All entitlements' and use 'Omniboost' as the Application name and token name. After filling out the information, click 'Create Token'.

Copy the created token and save the user

Send the copied token to Omniboost.

More information about the token and this process can be found on the tripletex help site.

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