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What does Hospitality Accounting Consultancy include?
What does Hospitality Accounting Consultancy include?
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Our consultants offer advice and guidance before, during and/or after setting up your integrations. This may result in the following needs/desires: 

  1. The Omniboost standard is not adequate for me. I need a custom integration. Our consultant offers advice about the proper accounting flow and brings the best possible solutions to get the most out of your accounting.

  2. My administration is a mess, I'm losing control over my finances. I don’t (fully) understand the journal entries flowing from the integration. Our consultants will provide you with proper insights, guidance and advice in order to regain control over your finances.

  3. I need (additional) advice on: 

  • setup of the integration, 

  • setup of the accounting part from the PMS system, 

  • setup of the accounting platform, 

  • how to deal with payment types, 

  • how to handle accounts receivables, 

  • correct usage of cost centers, 

  • etc. 

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