After having chosen your Omniboost integration, an Omniboost account is created automatically. You will immediately receive an e-mail invite to the platform and after having completed some security and configuration steps, your financial integration is setup at rocket speed. At any given point during setup, you can ask the Omniboost support team for help using the direct chat.  

How can I sign up for an Omniboost integration?

It's really easy. Sign up in the CloudBeds Marketplace. Your Omniboost account will be created in a matter of seconds. You can then start customising it however you want. You can also apply here. Our integrations team will contact you and set up an onboarding call to help you get started. 

1.Getting Started

Via the Cloudbeds Marketplace you can request your integration with Omniboost for our financial integrations. You will need to provide us with access to your account via the Cloudbeds API by clicking on Approved as shown in the screen below:

After approval you will be forwarded to the selection screen where you can select the property you want to connect:

After selecting the property you will be redirected to our login screen and you will receive an email with login credentials as shown below:

Click the link to continue to Base where you can login with the credentials from the email:

After login you will be asked to setup 2-Factor-Authentication for security reasons. Please download the Google Authenticator app (or use one you already have on your phone) for Apple or Android. Scan the QR code with this app and fill out the code on your phone to continue.

Once you are logged in you will see the dashboard and on the left hand side in the menu an item saying you have a pending integration setup with red exclamation mark:

Depending you your Accountancy software of choice you will have different ways of connection. 

When you have complete the connection step you can setup your integration with the variables needed for the integration of choice:

After completing the form you will be advanced to our advanced mapping tool where you can map your revenue categories and payment types. Please map the items to the proper accounts in your accountancy software:

Once all of the ledgers have been saved your integration is ready to go!

We will setup the integration contact you to start testing the integration so we know for sure integration will be working.

What if I'm having trouble setting up my Omniboost integration?

Omniboost wants you to have the best experience possible to ensure your accounting integration fully meets your needs and requirements. Simply contact us via our support chat or mail us at 

Although our integrations are used all over the world by many, many satisfied hotels and hostels, we would do you short in providing you with a basic FAQ. Most questions reaching us cover topics like reconciliations, accounts receivable, movement on deposit- and guest ledgers. Since it is our job to make your life a whole lot easier, simply reach out and we'll get it sorted.

How do I disconnect the apps?

Apps can always be disconnected from your Cloudbeds account through myfrontdesk.

Our integrations can be cancelled on a monthly basis. Our support team is also available for all other type of questions regarding the integration.

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