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Hi there,

Omniboost is busy onboarding your hotel between your PMS/POS and your accounting platform.

We kindly ask you to provide us access to the POS/PMS via (using admin rights) or to provide us with proper access details (tokens, serials, etc.). The main purpose for us to have access to your account is:

  • To be able to check the settings in your system.

  • To be able to check the journal entries we create with the overviews from the PMS/POS.

  • To be able to provide better support.

First we'll start checking whether all necessary requirements have been met in order to set up a valid integration.

Further considerations which need to be addressed are:

  • Validation whether the PMS has ALL categories you need or desire. Are the correct ledgers linked?

  • Are ledger accounts provided for Fallback Revenue and Fallback Payments?
    With fallbacks present, you are assured of a correct financial entries in your accounting platform.

  • What is the general journal code?

  • What is the sales journal code?

  • Do you want to make use of a suspense account for debtors? If yes, what ledger code are you going to use for this?

  • What is the cash journal code (if you also would like to make use cash entries).

  • What is the ledger of the guestledger / city ledger?

  • Please provide us with an overview of the VAT codes from your accounting platform.

  • Please provide us with an export of your Chart of Accounts.

  • Do commission costs from the gateway need to be booked? If yes, please provide us with the ledger account for these commission costs.

By using Omniboost you will save time and, more importantly, improve the data quality of your financial integrations. Want to take it even a step further? Omniboost offers Data Driven Intelligence by breaking down your existing (financial) data silos. With Omniboost you will take full advantage of all your financial data(sets). 

Need help?
Contact our integrations team and get on-boarded in no-time! Feel free to schedule a cost free onboarding call.

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