Connect Omniboost with InvoiceXpress. Obtain complete and up-to-date visibility of your invoicing (integration) with your PMS and/or POS.

Type of integration:
api for realtime data transfer. Transfer closed bills / folios directly from PMS/POS to InvoiceXpress.


  • Realtime transfer of closed bills / folios to InvoiceXpress.  
  • Debtors checked, created and/or updated on the fly
  • Automatic calculation of VAT 
  • Reconciliation of received payments
  • Easy setup via oauth and api integrations between Omniboost and InvoiceXpress.

By using Omniboost in combination with InvoiceXpress you will safe time and, more importantly, improve the data quality of your financial integrations.

Get connected?
Need to get connected? Contact our integrations team and get on-boarded in no-time! In search of custom InvoiceXpress development? Our support team is happy to assist!

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