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Reeleezee is an online accounting system that helps online merchants process their invoices, products and customers. The system can automate the required documents for the respective tax authority. The Reeleezee system is mostly intended for the Dutch market, but also supports several other countries.

Connect Omniboost with Reeleezee. Obtain complete and up-to-date visibility of your accounting (integration) with your PMS and/or POS.

Type of integration: api for direct data transfer. Financial data transfer between PMS/POS and Reeleezee on a daily, weekly or montly basis.


  • Daily, weekly or monthly 'end-of-day' transactions directly inserted from your PMS/POS into Reeleezee.

  • Ledger and cost center mapping available in Omniboost SaaS 

  • Direct connection to manual journals

  • Automatic calculation of VAT 

  • Reconciliation of received payments

  • Financial journals, entries and bookings fully compliant to Accounting Standards

  • Guest- and deposit ledger movements and calculations.

  • Easy setup via api integration between Omniboost and Reeleezee.

By using Omniboost in combination with Reeleezee you will safe time and, more importantly, improve the data quality of your financial integrations

Want to take it even a step further? Omniboost offers Data Driven Intelligence by breaking down your existing (financial) data silos. With Omniboost you will take full advantage of all your financial data(sets). 

Omniboost offers full integration and mapping solutions for all your Reeleezee connections.

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