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New features in the Mews/Feratel integration
New features in the Mews/Feratel integration

What is new in the Mews/Feratel integration?

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We are constantly improving our different integrations. Making them faster, more feature-full and robust. This new release offers a new feature and better validation for the Mews to Feratel integration.

When developing new features we listen to our customers. One feature a lot of customers wanted was a real-time sync with Mews. Unfortunately the Mews feature set doesn't allow for a real-time integration (yet) so it became a (near) real-time integration instead of the daily sync it used to be. With this new feature the usage of Feratel guest cards becomes possible. The integration syncs data every two minutes so you don't have to wait a day to download new guest cards from Feratel.

Additionally we tightened the validation of data entered in Mews. We now also check if the correct number of guests are created in Mews. If that isn't the case a validation message appears on the 'Tasks' page in Mews just like previous validation messages.

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